Real National Disease

Mian Nawaz Sharif did not contest election in the by-election from his own seat in Lahore. He had nominated Pervaiz Malik as candidate from this seat and the guy won the election as well. That is a terrible decision and shows that at the bottom they are all the same.
Pervaiz Malik is the brother of Malik Qayyum. The same Malik Qayyum who was close companion of former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf, and who was at the forefront of every illegal deed done by the Musharraf. Malik Qayyum was also advisor to the Benazir Bhutto and Zardari and went to Switzerland to coverup the money laundering. His dark achievements are limitless.
Pervaiz Malik is the brother of Yasmeen Rehman, who is member of national assembly from the Pakistan People’s Party, the arch-rivals of the PML-N.
So Pervaiz Malik is in PML-N, Malik Qayyum is with all of them, and the sister is in PPP. So no matter who loses or win, this family always remain in power.
That is our real national disease.


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