Scandal of Moonis Elahi

We all know how angelic the character of Moonis Elahi is, who was dreaming about becoming the chief minister of Punjab like his dad was hoping to become the next prime minister of Pakistan with Musharraf as president as he vowed to elect Musharraf five times in uniform.
Now Rana Sanaullah of PML-N has exposed a scandal of Moonis Elahi in which he alongside with one Mian Imtiaz Ahmad and one Brig. Mukhtar has forcefully bought a very precious agriculture form from the poor people near Rahim Yar Khan. The irony is that the elected person from that area is PPP’s Chaudhry Javed Wariach who promised with the poor people that he would get them their land back, but now according to the people of that area, he has also become a part of this booty. They say that the PPP leader has taken millions of dollars from the encroachers and also shares in a hotel in gulf.
Obviously, the Moonis Elahi has denied these charges and some female members of PML-Qaaf made Punjab Assembly a hell.
Punjab government should establish a judiciary inquiry commission on this issue.


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