The Rottweiler of Islamofascism is cannibalized by his own ilk

Khalid Khawaj’s bullet-ridden body thrown onto a rubbish mound in Waziristan reminds one of William Shakespeare’s central theme in his tragedies: Evil is self-destructive. Khalid Khawaja was an extremely evil man who was one of the ISi experts who dedicated their lives to undermining democracy and promoting Islamofascism in Pakistan. He cheered the Lal Masjid terrorists when they terrorized the people of Islamabad for not following the Dark Ages ethos of Wahabism.
It was Khalid Khawaja who in 1989 arranged a meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Osama bin Laden to bring down the democratically elected government of Benazir Bhutto. It was Khalid Khawaja who barked up every right and wrong tree to prove that the terrorists of the Lal Masjid were saintly, peace-loving Muslims. It was he who set up a “human rights” group to tell the world that the Taliban were a bevy of Islamic Che Guevaras fighting for justice and international brotherhood against imperialism. He used his financial resources (stolen from the national exchequer just like his fellow ISI Islamist-robbers) and political contacts to hide the unspeakable atrocities the Taliban have been carrying out in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He was a de facto ambassador of the Wahabi Monarchy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. His wickedness was boundless and he was able to corrupt an already-anti-People’s Party Supreme Court. The evidence? Here is the evidence: According to PML-N leader Senator Pervez Rashid, “Khalid Khawaja offered us that Nawaz Sharif should file a petition against Zardari [challenging his ability to become Pakistan’s president] and he will manage a Supreme Court verdict against Zardari within 24 hours but we refused to play in the hands of Khawaja.”
But he was relentless. He filed a case in the court of the fellow Islamofascist Chaudhry Iftikhar against the constitutional immunity of the president of Pakistan. He did not live to see the day, but Chaudhry Iftikhar may oblige him posthumously.
Again, he was able to stop the government of Pakistan from extraditing terrorists like Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and five American youths to the United States. He was right: the Islamofascist judges of Pakistan were at his beck and call. One after the other he filed petitions in various courts for the release of terrorists and murderers. He cheered on as Ahmedis, Christians, and Shias were killed by his fellow Talibanic Islamofascists.
But in the end, the evil of which he was a part came full circle. He was killed by the Lashkar-e-Jhangivi terrorists, the group whose mission is either to kill all the Shias of Pakistan or force them to convert to Wahabism. The evil created by the ISI is so stupendously insane and paranoid that it is suspicious of everyone including its own creators.
Khalid Khawaja’s funeral prayer was led by the Imam of the Lal Masjid; Lal Masjid, the infamous bastion of Islamofascism in Islamabad. His friends, followers, and supporters have dispatched to him to paradise where he will sleep with 70 ever-virgin houris till the Doomsday. Meanwhile the evil of which he was a part will continue to doom the minorities in Pakistan.
The words of Khalid Khawajs’s widow—that he is a martyr and she is proud of him—have been echoing with a shattering noise for their emptiness, hypocrisy, and madness. He was not martyred, but cannibalized by his own ilk. Like Shakespeare’s Iago and Edmund, the Satanic Khalid Khawaja will inspire revulsion in anyone who stands for goodness.


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